Distillery District Engagement Fun

It’s been quite a while since my last post. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and new year. To kick off 2014, I would like to share some Distillery District Engagement photos.

Over the holidays, I had a chance to reconnect with an old friend (who has been a part of my life since grade 2), now living in the UK. Lisa recently got engaged to her British boyfriend (apparently, I can’t get over the accent!), and the pair came to Canada for the holidays to celebrate in the frigid, well-below seasonal temperatures.

While they were here, I had the chance to snap some photos in Toronto. And what fun we had trying to keep warm! The weather was so cold, it caused my battery to die several times. Did I mention it’s really hard to shoot in mittens?

Nevertheless, we had great fun. Finished up in true Canadian style, with some Tim Hortons’ warm drinks and a couple of timbits.

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Kris Allen at The Rivoli, Toronto

I try not to get addicted to reality shows. Truth be told, anyone who knows me will tell you: I GET OBSESSED. So, it’s no surprise after I watched the first episode of American Idol, Season 8 … I was hooked. Kris Allen has always been my favourite Idol. There is a certain “earthly” sound and sincerity about his voice. Not to mention, his efforts around the world and his passion for his faith continues to inspire me. I’ve followed Kris’ career since I saw him back in 2009. I’m even guilty of downloading “Brand New Shoes,” his independent album, prior to Idol.

Now imagine my excitement when I heard the news Kris would be in Toronto, performing at the city’s downtown Rivoli. The Out Alive Tour featured New York’s Jillette Johnson – who, without exaggeration, has an outstanding powerhouse voice. She’s not mainstream; I’d classify her more indie, with lyrics that ring of our local Peter Katz.

When this Arkansas native finally hit the stage, he opened with “Out Alive” to a thriving Canadian crowd. Kris sang the favourites, including mine – “No Boundaries” – all while rocking our Canucks flag on his t-shirt. His attempts at pronouncing “Poutine” (with emphasis of the “poo”) were great. And I definitely swooned a bit when he cracked out his ukulele, something he says always gets the same reaction. “It’s so cute, I just wanna hug it,” he joked.

Kris Allen Rivoli Toronto Kris Allen Rivoli Toronto

I won’t elaborate on every detail, of course. This is already bordering on my longest post ever. But I can finish up with saying, what a memorable show. I just want to thank Kris. We’re so happy you came to Toronto for your first Canadian gig! I think the feelings were mutual throughout the crowd; your show was remarkable.

Kris Allen Rivoli Toronto

Weekly Challenge: Skyscrapers

In an attempt to improve our photography, ExP (Exposed Planet) has proposed a weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme: skyscrapers. For this image, I’ve chosen to post a photo of the Toronto skyline. These photos were taken near the Sound Academy on Polson Street, right near Lakeshore Blvd.

Want to participate in our photo challenge? Tweet me at @Emilyjsantos! Hopefully, we can expand this and improve on our techniques together! =)