Weekly Challenge: Insects

Despite how much I hate bugs, I decided to choose insects as this week’s photo challenge theme with ExP (Exposed Planet).

I shot this image with a Sigma macro zoom lens 70-300mm. It didn’t allow me to get super close to the butterfly, but I still think it came out quite cute and colourful.

Weekly Challenge: Skyscrapers

In an attempt to improve our photography, ExP (Exposed Planet) has proposed a weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme: skyscrapers. For this image, I’ve chosen to post a photo of the Toronto skyline. These photos were taken near the Sound Academy on Polson Street, right near Lakeshore Blvd.

Want to participate in our photo challenge? Tweet me at @Emilyjsantos! Hopefully, we can expand this and improve on our techniques together! =)

Hey Jude

It’s too often we forget our blessings. Today I thank God for you, J. I’m so lucky to have you in my life; you’re like the sister I’ve never had. ILU.

“Remember to let her into your heart. Then you can start to make it better.”

JudySpring1 Judyspring2 Judyspring3

You’re my summertime

Generally, I am not a fan of summer. Let’s be honest: it’s hot, sticky, UV rays scare the sh!t out of me, and I think I have a sweating problem.

But despite my natural instincts to stay indoors, hide away in an air conditioned house, and stare at my beautiful Backstreet Boys posters … sometimes you have to suck it up, embrace it, and enjoy the sun!

cobourg1 cobourg2 cobourg3
cobourg4 cobourg5

The outside

A summery walk along the main street in Niagara-on-the-lake got me this shot. What can I say? I love close-up shots!