Isabella’s Chocolate Café

Isabella’s Chocolate Café in Oshawa is pretty famous in the Durham Region. For weeks, people had encouraged me to stop by. And for the first time this week, I made the trip and spent my weekly date day with Jaya there.

The café is located on King Street South, between the TD Bank and the jewellery store – which is a bit tricky to find. Initially, I tried to find the shop around Valentine’s Day, but couldn’t spot it while driving. So if you take a closer look, you’ll find their logo on a window, between those two establishments.

Isabella’s features a lot of homemade treats and a variety of hot chocolates, including Isabella’s chocolate. That particular drink is just like hot chocolate, but features their own dark chocolate chips. I sampled it, and it’s absolutely rich in flavour – a definite for chocolate enthusiasts.

Isabella's Isabella's

Isabella’s also allows customers to buy their chocolate truffles. They come in beautiful wrap – perfect for gifts or for holidays. But if local treats don’t sell you on this café, Isabella’s is also run by Rosanna Bruno – who is totally engrossed in the local entertainment and arts scene. I had some time to chat with her on my way out, and she is actively promoting events in the Durham Region. She has a certain passion for it. It’s a wonderful thing to see. And don’t forgot to say hi to local musician Patrick Dorie. He works hard behind the counter, all the while going after a career in music – something he is truly destined for.

Isabella's Isabella's Isabella's

Laurel Richards Hair

After weeks of planning, I was finally able to drop by Laurel Richards Hair in Ajax and snap some photos. Laurel Richards Hair is a charming Durham Region hair studio, located in south Ajax, which provides hair and spa services, along with beautiful gifts – anything from hand made soaps, jewellery to makeup bags.

Laurel Richards – the owner and master colourist – is not only a master at her craft, but truly a fantastic person. A couple of years ago, she assisted me in a Hallowe’en food drive I ran called Trick or Eat … and to be more specific, she didn’t even hesitate when I asked; she was onboard with excitement right away! Ever since then, I’ve found a deep respect for her and the business she runs. Not only is she valued for the services her company provides, but for the kind work she does with the community.

Laurel Richards Hair Ajax Laurel Richards Hair Ajax Laurel Richards Hair Ajax

In addition to top notch service, Laurel Richards’ business also brings the latest products from places like New York City – so if you can’t find something at a big box store, be sure to swing by their studio at 487 Westney Road South. I guess it’s no wonder why they’ve been named Best Hair Salon Ajax-Pickering more than once.

Laurel Richards Hair Ajax Laurel Richards Hair Ajax Laurel Richards Hair Ajax

An afternoon at Jazzberry Tea House

Don’t you just love when you find a great local place to waste time, without having to drop too much money? Well, I’ve found my permanent tea shop, as mentioned in previous posts, we spent an afternoon at Jazzberry Tea House, in Pickering Village.

Today, my friend Jaya and I spent the afternoon drinking Chocolate Peppermint & Chocolate Coconut teas, and enjoying yummy desserts – she ordered an oatmeal/chocolate chip cookie, and I bought a chocolate brownie. We also had some time to talk about our career plans, and make some solid goals for for the future. Productive? Absolutely! Did I mentioned we also were given a couple of homemade Valentines while we were there?

An afternoon at Jazzberry Tea House, Pickering Village An afternoon at Jazzberry Tea House, Pickering Village An afternoon at Jazzberry Tea House, Pickering Village

Jazzbery Tea House Webcam Fun

Oh, and of course we had a little Mac webcam fun before we left!

An afternoon at Jazzberry Tea House, Pickering Village

Pickering Village Jazzberry Tea House

Today, I was introduced to Pickering Village’s Jazzberry Tea House, a fantastic tea house located in the heart of Ajax. The small and quint shop offers High Tea in their private Victorian style room, and holds open mic and poetry nights. I enjoyed a perfect cup of Chocolate Mint tea … tasted great.

Just a note for parents, if you have little ones, the business’ website also says they offer a 90-minute Princess Tea, with Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Tinkerbell, and Alice in Wonderland – how cute, right? The shop is a truly terrific local tea house to meet with friends, read a book (they offer free WiFi) or just stop by for a quick drink – and they offer quite an array! I highly recommend it.

Pickering Village Jazzberry Tea House Pickering Village Jazzberry Tea House

Weekly Challenge: Skyscrapers

In an attempt to improve our photography, ExP (Exposed Planet) has proposed a weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme: skyscrapers. For this image, I’ve chosen to post a photo of the Toronto skyline. These photos were taken near the Sound Academy on Polson Street, right near Lakeshore Blvd.

Want to participate in our photo challenge? Tweet me at @Emilyjsantos! Hopefully, we can expand this and improve on our techniques together! =)