A Day in Durham

Town of Ajax Waterfront

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The Town of Ajax Waterfront features six kilometers of unspoiled park land, stretching across the town’s southern border along the shores of Lake Ontario. In summary, the land totals over 150 acres, and serves more than 100,000 residents. But those are just the stats. The Town of Ajax Waterfront and its Rotary Park are gorgeous areas, surrounded by some million dollar homes, overlooking the greenery and scenic views of the lake. The waterfront is a great place to see wildlife – especially for bird watchers; a spring/summer hot spot for…read more

Hy Tea in Pickering

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A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by Hy Tea in Pickering. The city’s small tea shop and restaurant is located off Liverpool Road, on Frenchman’s Bay at 1295 Wharf Street. It’s owned and operated by Hy Niles – an extremely personable and kind hearted woman, who served us while we were there for an afternoon of treats and tea. Now, my friend Lori and I stopped by the tea house for our first time ever, during the off season. But I can tell you, I’ve seen the establishment packed…read more

Taunton Bakery

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Taunton Bakery is located just east of Whitby, in the Somerville and Taunton Road West area of Oshawa. The small and quaint bakery features healthy deli sandwiches, some yummy treats and fresh loaves of bread. The shop is only a few minutes from my work, which is why I went to check them out. I also had the chance to meet the owner of the Oshawa bakery, Ying, who seemed quite humble and hardworking. Despite the language barrier, we were able to chat and share some stories. It took me…read more

An afternoon at Jazzberry Tea House

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Don’t you just love when you find a great local place to waste time, without having to drop too much money? Well, I’ve found my permanent tea shop, as mentioned in previous posts, we spent an afternoon at Jazzberry Tea House, in Pickering Village. Today, my friend Jaya and I spent the afternoon drinking Chocolate Peppermint & Chocolate Coconut teas, and enjoying yummy desserts – she ordered an oatmeal/chocolate chip cookie, and I bought a chocolate brownie. We also had some time to talk about our career plans, and make some solid…read more

Church Street

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The Town of Ajax recently renovated one of our oldest churches, St.Francis de Sales, located on Church St. in Pickering Village. These photos were captured before the changes and add-ons; St. Francis and Church Street’s surroundings at their finest.