My hometown

“When I see the lights of my hometown, I feel like the world stops spinning ’round. Everything makes sense, maybe it’s the innocence. I know it’s just a few miles down the road. I’m getting there as fast as I can go. I can always find peace of mind … in the lights of my hometown.” – Aaron Lines

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Baker Farmhouse

Located on Reesor Road in Markham, On. stands an old and enchanting farmhouse. My Great Great Uncle Stanley Baker lived there until the early 1970’s, when the Canadian government expropriated the land for a new Pickering International Airport.

The 40-year-old airport debate continues to strike controversy; however, a recent study said the city might need an airport between 2027 and 2037. Former Liberal Ajax-Pickering MP Mark Holland has always been a strong opponent of the Pickering Airport, blasting the federal government. Current Conservative MP Chris Alexander has been quoted saying, “[I’m] personally 100 per cent against the airport, because the study showed there just is no demand for it.”

Today, the farmhouse remains on its last legs – windows smashed, wood rotting and grass overgrown. Although, it’s original charm, like the green fence and the white window frames can still be seen upon close examination.

This farmhouse will likely be torn down very soon. Before we bid the home adieu, my mom and I travelled there to take some photos and to reminisce about the old days.

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