A Day in Durham

Town of Ajax Waterfront

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The Town of Ajax Waterfront features six kilometers of unspoiled park land, stretching across the town’s southern border along the shores of Lake Ontario. In summary, the land totals over 150 acres, and serves more than 100,000 residents. But those are just the stats. The Town of Ajax Waterfront and its Rotary Park are gorgeous areas, surrounded by some million dollar homes, overlooking the greenery and scenic views of the lake. The waterfront is a great place to see wildlife – especially for bird watchers; a spring/summer hot spot for…read more

2015 Pan Am Games in Ajax

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The countdown to the 2015 Pan Am Games in Ajax kicked off, today. The town’s been chosen as the host site for softball and baseball. And not only was it an exciting day in the Durham Region, communities across the province celebrated the official countdown. I had the opportunity to work as the town’s photographer for the baseball-themed day at Sportsplex Park, located at Taunton Road and Audley Road. The morning’s event included a mural unveiling, a parade of nations, along with baseball clinics for kids. A number of local celebrities…read more

Balanced Life Yoga in Ajax

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This past weekend, I had the chance to stop by Balanced Life Yoga‘s brand new studio, located at 274 Mackenzie Avenue in Ajax. Director, founder and senior teacher of Balanced Life Yoga, Shasta Townsend, has rounded up a group of diverse, personable and all around kind women to her team, each bringing something uniquely wonderful to the studio. Over a dozen Balanced Life Yoga teachers welcomed me, and we spent the afternoon taking photos of essential yoga poses and capturing the faces of the vibrant and gorgeous instructors. I must…read more

Laurel Richards Hair

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After weeks of planning, I was finally able to drop by Laurel Richards Hair in Ajax and snap some photos. Laurel Richards Hair is a charming Durham Region hair studio, located in south Ajax, which provides hair and spa services, along with beautiful gifts – anything from hand made soaps, jewellery to makeup bags. Laurel Richards – the owner and master colourist – is not only a master at her craft, but truly a fantastic person. A couple of years ago, she assisted me in a Hallowe’en food drive I…read more

An afternoon at Jazzberry Tea House

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Don’t you just love when you find a great local place to waste time, without having to drop too much money? Well, I’ve found my permanent tea shop, as mentioned in previous posts, we spent an afternoon at Jazzberry Tea House, in Pickering Village. Today, my friend Jaya and I spent the afternoon drinking Chocolate Peppermint & Chocolate Coconut teas, and enjoying yummy desserts – she ordered an oatmeal/chocolate chip cookie, and I bought a chocolate brownie. We also had some time to talk about our career plans, and make some solid…read more