New beginnings

“You’ve been trying to escape from all your yesterdays, but they won’t let you leave. Some days you cover ground, but then you turn around …” – Paul Brandt, I’m An Open Road

When God closes one door, He’ll open another. That’s what I believe. And over the past few months, I’ve been working to create a more positive inner circle. I want to surround myself with honest, kind, and gentle people.

Like others, I’ve had my share of emotional wounds — some, quite recent.

At the risk of sounding too personal, I’ll keep this short. But to anyone reading this, who feels like they’ve been hurt by the actions of someone else: don’t be consumed by the pain. Focus on being a good person; a loving person; an honest person. Surround yourself with genuine people (for me, that’s my amazing parents and closest friends). Because in the last couple of weeks, I really do believe another door opens. A door to something possibly romantic and pure at its core. <3

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Toronto, my home

After all my travel posts, I wanted to share something a bit more local! I have had this photo on file for a while now, I actually snapped it on the ferry coming back from the island airport (Porter), after my trip to the east coast.

This is one of my favourite photos of Toronto. The sun is going down, the light is just right, oh look, the CN Tower!

I hope everyone had a great Canada Day, this week, and to all my blogger friends south of the border, Happy Independence Day!

Toronto skyline

Western Canada Trip: Calgary, Alberta (Pt.9)

This is my final post of the Western Canada series, and what better way to end it than with Calgary, Alberta.

The city isn’t as bustling as Toronto, but the energy is still vibrant. Flames signage is everywhere, and even the flight attendants sported the red and black colours. Most of the locals seemed friendly, and I (really) enjoyed the shopping! It was a bit unfortunate, I had a really bad cold near the end of my trip, but I stayed up past 1 a.m. Toronto time (because I never really adjusted throughout the trip),  and I made two trips to the Calgary Tower lookout. The photos from the evening came out the best.

As a final note: I had an amazing time out west. I am so blessed to have gone, with the help of family and friends. I reacquainted with fam, found some necessary “Emily time” and wore out my camera for a good month! Vancouver, Whistler, Bow Valley, Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise to Calgary: what an amazing 15 days.

calgary (1 of 5) calgary (5 of 5) calgary (4 of 5) calgary (3 of 5) calgary (2 of 5)

Western Canada Trip: Johnston Canyon, Alberta (Pt.8)

Before heading to Calgary, Alberta (post to come), my last stop was Johnston Canyon. The trail to the waterfalls took me about 30 minutes, but keep in mind, it was still frozen over and the walk was quite icy and slippery.

The conditions didn’t stop tourists, it was pretty busy. Most of the Banff resort-goers head to the waterfalls. According to Banff’s official website, “The trail to the waterfalls of Johnston Canyon has to be the busiest in the Canadian Rockies. Nearly every day throughout the summer, hundreds of hikers follow its canyon-clinging catwalks and cliff-mounting staircases to the gorge’s Lower and Upper Falls.”

It’s advisable to do the hike during the early morning or evening hours to avoid the rush of people.

Johnston Canyon Johnston Canyon (3 of 8) Johnston Canyon (8 of 8) Johnston Canyon (4 of 8) Johnston Canyon (5 of 8) Johnston Canyon (6 of 8) Jonhston Canyon

Did I mention I saw mountain goat while doing the drive to Johnston Canyon. I was SUPER happy about this.

Mountain goat alberta

Western Canada Trip: Spray, Two Jack, Minnewanka (Pt.7)

It’s a good idea to plan your time properly if you’re sightseeing with a limited schedule  – and for me, I divided my trip. Day one was spent in the big ski areas, like Banff and Lake Louise, and later in the week, I had a “LAKE ONLY” day. My stops included Spray Lake, Two Jack lakeside and Lake Minnewanka in Alberta.

Touring these three stops actually took a good chunk of my day. But they are beautiful. Bring a wide lens. I was a bit of a goof, and didn’t have a prime wide. I only had my GOPRO and my 35 mm. What can I say? I like to pack light!

This is Spray Lake reservoir, including an image from my drive up the mountain. The reservoir is located in Kananaskis County. According to the Atlas of Alberta Lakes, “Until Kananaskis Country was established in the 1970s, the only road up to Spray Lakes Reservoir was a narrow, rough track clinging to the side of Mount Rundle.”

Spray Lake alberta Spray lake alberta Alberta spray lake From there, I headed to Two Jack lakeside. Another beautiful must-see sight, in my opinion.

Two Jack Lake Alberta Two Jack Lake Alberta Two Jack lakeside Alberta Two Jack lakeside Alberta And perhaps my most favourite lake during this day trip, Lake Minnewanka (“Water of Spirits”) – which is right beside Two Jack lakeside. Isn’t it perfection?!

lake minnewanka alberta lake minnewanka alberta