A Day in Durham

Downtown Orono

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I have been posting a lot of images of landscape, particularly from my adventures on the East Coast, but recently I grabbed my friend Kate-Lynn for a fun photo adventure to nearby Orono, On. Orono is a quiet little village, located in the Municipality of Clarington, just a few minutes up Highway 115 towards Peterborough. The area is probably known for its famous yearly Chili Cook-Off, which takes place September 27. The downtown is decorated with small, local shops – mainly antique stores and restaurants. It’s also a perfect place…read more

Kawartha Country Wines

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I am a huge fan of Niagara vineyards, but this summer I had the opportunity to try something a bit outside my comfort zone from Kawartha Country Wines - an amazing experience, to say the least! I am no wine connoisseur, but I’m generally a fan of Moscato and Riesling wines. Kawartha Country Wines offers a variety of fruit wines, suiting just about any tastebud  - sour, sweet to very sweet. I suggest hitting up the taste bar – they let us try four wines and four fruit vinegars. My favourites…read more

East Coast Trip: Halifax, Nova Scotia

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I’ve been back from the East Coast for almost two months now. It’s hard to believe how fast time flies! After sharing four posts, Newfoundland and a three-part Prince Edward Island entry, I am moving a bit more west to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I didn’t spend much time in Halifax, Nova Scotia but I can tell you the waterfront is gorgeous. It’s packed with bars, restaurants, high-end clothing stores, and of course … lots of tourists. Locals tell me, Halifax, Nova Scotia has a large student community. Thousands head east to…read more

East Coast Trip: Prince Edward Island (Pt. 3)

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I still have so many East Coast photos to share! For this week’s Prince Edward Island instalment, I will focus on Skinners Pond (the home of Stompin’ Tom Connors) and just for Stephanie at This Wonderful Life, Anne of Green Gables’ Heritage Place – yes, we went there! Let me start off with the picturesque setting in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s famous Anne of Green Gables. I initially wasn’t going to share these images because of the overcast weather, but for fans, you’ll see the views were outstanding. Rolling green hills and a…read more

Father’s Day: A Look Back

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Happy Father’s Day to my dad, and all the great fathers out there! Like I did for Mother’s Day, I decided to post a throwback photo for this very SPECIAL occasion! To be honest, I am not sure when this photo was taken. But I think my Dad and I make a pretty great pair! Unfortunately, I never succeeded in piano (I think I can still play “Jingle Bells”), but my Dad is sure good at it. “I know you were on my side even when I was wrong. And…read more