A Day in Durham

East Coast Trip: Halifax, Nova Scotia

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I’ve been back from the East Coast for almost two months now. It’s hard to believe how fast time flies! After sharing four posts, Newfoundland and a three-part Prince Edward Island entry, I am moving a bit more west to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I didn’t spend much time in Halifax, Nova Scotia but I can tell you the waterfront is gorgeous. It’s packed with bars, restaurants, high-end clothing stores, and of course … lots of tourists. Locals tell me, Halifax, Nova Scotia has a large student community. Thousands head east to…read more

East Coast Trip: Prince Edward Island (Pt. 3)

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I still have so many East Coast photos to share! For this week’s Prince Edward Island instalment, I will focus on Skinners Pond (the home of Stompin’ Tom Connors) and just for Stephanie at This Wonderful Life, Anne of Green Gables’ Heritage Place – yes, we went there! Let me start off with the picturesque setting in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s famous Anne of Green Gables. I initially wasn’t going to share these images because of the overcast weather, but for fans, you’ll see the views were outstanding. Rolling green hills and a…read more

Father’s Day: A Look Back

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Happy Father’s Day to my dad, and all the great fathers out there! Like I did for Mother’s Day, I decided to post a throwback photo for this very SPECIAL occasion! To be honest, I am not sure when this photo was taken. But I think my Dad and I make a pretty great pair! Unfortunately, I never succeeded in piano (I think I can still play “Jingle Bells”), but my Dad is sure good at it. “I know you were on my side even when I was wrong. And…read more

East Coast Trip: Prince Edward Island (Pt.2)

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As mentioned in my previous post, Prince Edward Island was my favourite spot on the East Coast. For the past couple of days, I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly made PEI so special. My answer:  its fresh, farm air, colourful fields, calming beaches, and red sand. Coming from Toronto, I am constantly looking at high-rises, grand buildings, busy, traffic congested streets and a bustling downtown. But sometimes its nice to reflect and reconnect with the world – something I did while enjoying the scenery of Prince Edward Island. For…read more

East Coast Trip: Prince Edward Island (Pt.1)

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There’s no question about it, Prince Edward Island was my favourite destination on the East Coast. I stayed in PEI for three days – the longest stop during our travels. We managed to drive the entire island, including North Cape, Green Gables Shore, Points East Coastal and Charlottetown. My journey there will be divided into a couple of posts. To start, I’d like to share my  experiences at the North Lake Habour and Point Prim Peninsula. North Lake Harbour is located in Kings County in the eastern portion of Prince Edward…read more